Feathers and dragons

About me


My name is Ria Hooghiemstra. I am born in 1960 in IJsselstein and I grew up in Bolsward, a small town in Friesland (the Netherlands). At the moment I am living in Heerenveen.

In this art project and at this website I am telling my own life story. In images and in words. It is very personal, but also universal, because it is about basic feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Before I started this art project I followed a 5 year international training course for medical painting therapy, according to the principles of Liane Collot d'Herbois. This education has been an important first step in my process of changing. It has provided me with more courage and strength. Because of this I was able to start and continue this art project. I was able to face my inner dragon and to fight with him.

During my training I also learned a lot about light, color and darkness.
Valuable knowledge for the artistic process. 
I have learned a lot about all the different colors and their qualities. This knowledge I have used in making the rainbow birds and the earth birds.
What I have learned about color, I have used in a playful way in the shapes, gestures, postures and habitats of the birds.

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