Feathers and dragons

Animal portraits
In the last series I wanted to show the process of transformation of the negative animal qualities. I focused now at the positive qualities of the animals of the second series of textile books.

When I am conscious of my animal characteristics, I can use them differently. I can play with them and use them whenever I want to and as long as I want to. For the chameleon this means that I can play with being visible and invisible. Blending with the surrounding or coming out of it. Fit in or being proud to be different...
Thus I have made 10 sets of 2 small embroideries (for each animal 2 embroideries).
Below this a picture of a series of 2 from a lizard that bites hisself in its tail to protect his vulnerable inside.

After this was finished I decided to also embroider the 10 negative qualities of the animals again, so that I would be able to show them all together in a folding screen.
I have now completed this. At my Dutch website you can find some pictures of the completed folding screen and some details. You can find it at this page, if you click at "dierenportretten".
You will have to click at each picture to see it a bit more large.
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