Feathers and dragons


The dragon represents all the negative words I have ever heard that became negative beliefs and feelings of inferiority.

The dragon shows what mostly is hidden for the outside world. It is the inner dragon, which is very very dangerous as long as he is invisible. Making this dragon visible and having the courage to look straight into the eyes of the dragon, helps to make him less dangerous.

Words of the dragon

The dragon spits out a never ending stream of always repeating words: Fat, stupid, inferieur, ugly, boring, failure, bad, never good enough, hopeless case, over and too much, unloved.

Many years I have lived with these words. 

It made me feel afraid, uncertain, nervous, compulsive, ashamed, tense, restless, chased, exhausted, ill, dependent and not free.

Treasury of the dragon

The good news is that I discovered that the dragon also has a treasury in which he has hidden the golden words, not spoken beautiful words and words that could not be heard….Beautiful words, words that make you smile, happy words.

In the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon the frightened little bird  has to become a brave bird who is not afraid to face the dragon. Will she be able to do this and will she find the golden words and golden key words? Will she even be able to change the dragon?

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