Feathers and dragons
With my own biography as a starting point, I write the fairytale about the frightened little bird and the dragon.
In the beginning of the fairytale the frightened little bird is sitting in a small dark box.
Later she meets her two friends, who take her with them to their bigger and nicer nest. The frightened little bird herself also changes. But still she suffers from the very large dragon who spits ugly words towards her.
The friends decide to get help from the rainbow birds and the earth birds. Will they be able to help the frightened little bird? And what about the great bird Alchemie?
I have already written part 1 of this fairytale. At the moment I am working at the embroidered illustrations for this book.
I also use this fairytale for story telling. I have done so at a primary school and during an exhibition of my work in June 2019.  I hope to do this again in future.
I then will use the story tell dragon I have made for this purpose.
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