Feathers and dragons


Much has happened in the past months. So it is time for an update.. I am planning to start a small museum for this project in what now still is my living room. I hope I will be able to realize this before the end of the year. In this museum I want to have a permanent exhibition from my fairytale wood with all the creatures in it. I also can tell the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. And maybe I can also teach sprang in the museum.   In the last months I have done a lot
- Geschreven op: 05-02-2021

Changes at the website

Yesterday I discovered that I had to build a new website, because the old one will not be supported any more from October.   So I am working now at a new website. This is already the new one, but I still will have to put more information at it. As my project has changed during the years, this means that I am also rewriting part of the information now.   You still can visit my old website, till I am ready with this one, but it now is to find at the temporary website address: http:/
- Geschreven op: 17-09-2020
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